Programme 2019-2020

Yoon-Seok Shin  Piano

8PM  Wednesday 11th September 2019  @ Woolmarket

Yoon-Seok studied at Trinity where he gained 1st Class honours. He is a highly experienced pianist and we welcome him for a third time.

Luca Luciano  Clarinettist

8PM  Wednesday 9th October 2019  @ Woolmarket

Luca is an internationally renowned musician. He is present on a European tour and we are so privileged he has stopped off to entertain us.

Mosaic Choir

7.30PM  Saturday 9th November 2019  @ Methodist Hall

A fun choir returns to perform. They will sing a varied program.


8PM  Wednesday 11th December 2019  @ Woolmarket

Come and perform your party piece. Grand Raffle and great buffet.

Song Cycle

7.30PM  Saturday 1st February 2020  @ Village Church

Four singers met on a cycle ride in 1996. The repertoire ranges from mediaeval to modern.

Mellow Cellos

8PM  Wednesday 11th March 2020  @ Woolmarket

A group of cellists have come together to perform for us tonight.

Tim and Lizzie Sentance Entertain

50th Anniversary Concert – £10 admission

8PM  Wednesday 8th April 2020  @ Woolmarket

Both Tim and Lizzie are professional performers. Great entertainment for our special celebration.

Harmonie Band

8PM  Wednesday 13th May 2020  @ Methodist Hall

This band plays with great energy and fun.

Lynne Creasey  Harpist

8PM  Wednesday 10th July 2020  @ Woolmarket

Lynne is a sought-after teacher and performer from Chelmsford.